Something to think over

"I can never be a true disciple of Jesus Christ until I adequately despise sin. It is not enough for me to abandon sin; I must loathe it. God refers to sin in terms of beastliness, the stubborn horse, the wily snake, the mud-loving pig. That is not accidental. The beast does what is natural to it; its behavior is instinctive, and it is not redeemable. The beastliness of sin represents sin in its farthest distance from God, not merely that which is different from God, but that which is opposite. My true feeling about sin is never reflected about sin in general; it is always about sin in me. God never redeems abstractions or principles; He redeems people. Until I can loathe the sin I commit, I will never understand God's attitude toward my sin.

To be a true disciple of Christ I must see the beastliness of sin before it works its devastation upon me. I must hate it everlastingly. I must never lose my grip on the fact that it was my very own sin that drove Jesus to tears, to loud outcries, to moaning and groaning, and to the bloody nails. When I feel this way about my sin, I will understand Isaiah's 'Woe is me' and what it means to be cleansed with a coal from the altar."

W. Glynn Evans


Life-changer... right here

That video right there has just changed my life. Two reasons. Firstly, that song is actually good. Who knew? This is a good example of how production, albeit catchy, can completely distract from a song. Secondly, ... ok, I think there was only one reason it changed my life. No, two. Here's the other reason. This relatively unknown Christian band has this cool video on YouTube, and all of a sudden, people start wondering who this Obadiah Parker band is. I know I did. Their internet music sales have gone way up in the last few months, and people know who they are. I guess that just shows that there's no one way to success or popularity in entertainment.

I'm in California this month, touring with Matt Brouwer. It's going really great so far. I'll have more updates later.