A Place for Pictures


I love this blog site, however it's a little slow when it comes to posting tons of pictures. So, here are a few links to albums from Facebook that star Bella and her family. A few bonus pictures for you, too...

Nikon pictures

Uploads from my phone
(I am always adding to this one)

Bella is starting to do alot more lately, and is interacting some. She follows us with her eyes, grabs our hair and glasses, pushes the bottle away when she's not hungry, laughs at us (on the inside) when she fills her diapers and we have to clean it.

Today she had a hat on that is just a little too big (as is most of her clothing), and she was in her swing behind the couch. All of a sudden she started screaming and we looked to see the hat covering half of her face. I guess she woke up and couldn't see. It was funny, and I made sure to take a picture before I helped her move it.


Bella Pics

Here's some more pictures of our little girl. Some are from our new camera, a Nikon D80, and some are from my phone. I think you should be able to tell the difference. I'm pretty excited about the Nikon, and just as excited that my cousins Andy and Lisa just got a Nikon D90 to take pictures of their daughters. Andy, you and I will have to swap photography tips or something. Maybe soon I'll post some of my favorite non-baby pictures I've taken so far. Until then, here's the girl:

With Uncle Jason and her cousin, Jacob

I think every dad ends up with a "napping with baby" picture. This was very obviously a Sunday afternoon, if you know what my weekends usually look like.

What infancy would be complete without a visit from the financial adviser?

This is what we see all night sometimes.

First bath. She actually sort of enjoyed it.


Just hanging out with Dad

If she knew how, she'd laugh at her silly Papa.

It's 12:15am, which is actually late for me now. This used to be the primetime of my evening, but now it's a fight to stay up this late and enjoy it. Bella is actually sleeping in her crib right now, alone. That's a modern miracle, so I think we're gonna stretch this out as long as we can. More than likely we'll hear her sweet voice before 1, telling us it's time to eat again.

In just-in-case-anyone-still-reads-this-blog-to-hear-what's-going-on-with-josh news, I'm in my fourth week of being on a church staff as a worship leader. I'm not sure I ever fully told the whole story on this blog, but basically I felt like God was very directly calling me into a worship leader position at a church that happens to be across the street from our apartments. It was one of those things where I felt like if I just blew it off, I would be living in disobedience. So, I looked into it, and they hired me. The next day they moved me to the satellite campus, which meets in a movie theater. So much for all those times I swore I would never go to a portable church ever again. I'm enjoying it, for the most part. Maybe once a week I sit and wonder why God would have me do this. Sometimes I think everything I've spent the last 6 years learning doesn't matter, and that I'm the only one that sees church completely opposite of everyone else. Who knows, I'm still learning.