As if marriage wasn't enough...

It's an age old story:

Boy meets girl before he can remember,

boy and girl keep in touch their whole lives,

boy and girl eventually date after college,

boy and girl get married November 17, 2007...

...and find out they're 6 weeks pregnant February 19, 2008.

I know, most guys would spring for a nice card or flowers for the Three Month-iversary, but not me. I decided on something more lasting.

So, the questions begin, right? Here I'll answer them before you ask:

- No we weren't trying
- Yes, we're THRILLED!
- It's not a honeymoon baby
- We were on birth control (my boys can just swim)

We've got tons of nervous excitement, and from my perspective, the next 8 months are going to be FOREVER long. But I get a cute little pregnant wife. That's kinda fun.

Check back here every few weeks and I'll post updates on the new baby and other things.