New Myspace Page

I have a new endeavor. I'm now going public with my string arranging and recording, and last night released the new Myspace page of Avenue I Strings. If you're on myspace, please add me as a friend, and tell your friends to do the same (especially musicians and bands). I'm hoping this page will bring in some new experiences and work outside of my little south Texas circle. And I won't lie, I wouldn't mind a little extra money with baby on the way.



1 For You; 19 For Me

Following a very dear, time-honored tradition, I did my taxes on April 14. For the first time ever, I actually am expecting money back from the ol' government. It's an amazing feeling...almost so good that I might be more inclined to do my taxes earlier next year. See, usually I put it off, because who wants to sit there and watch the red dollar amount on Turbo Tax go up and up and up? I almost felt bad watching the green number go up (legally, of course). But, I figured since that's sort of the point, why question it?

I just glanced over at the "Baby Countdown" to the right on this page. I won't lie. Our baby is looking very human. It's so strange. I know that's not technically our baby, but ours looks similar to that. It's inside my wife. And we're going to raise it. And I get to watch it enter this world. So many things I don't know if I'm ready for. I also thought the "Baby Countdown" kid looked like he was holding a coffee cup. Yes, that would be our child.

I've got some pictures to share. This is a recent gig with Yelba & Max Cat, at the Houston Zoo.

This is how we roll. Nature, music, unamplified electric instruments.

I feel like I'm just now getting somewhat caught up from last week. I even starting this blog early last week and am just now finding time to finish it. Here's what the week looked like:

Friday (11th): Had to be at school at 9:40 to teach my class, then found out the class met at 8:30. Awesome. I practiced for an hour then went to a recording session from 11a-5p. Then drove home (in Friday evening traffic) with enough time to change shirts, collect Bethany, and drive to my gig. Played 8p-12a.
Saturday: 4:30am, Bethany woke up in tons of pain, so we went to the ER. Two kidney stones later, got home around 11:30a. Hung out with my parents for a few minutes till they sent me to bed, and we slept until 7, when her parents showed up and took us to dinner. I cancelled my gig that night and we watched movies together.
Sunday: Played two church services, then played at an H.E.B. market for 4 hours. Got home and watched more movies, still exhausted.
Monday: Ob-Gyn visit. Someone screwed up our chart, so they were treating us like we were at 10wks when we were at 14. It was confusing, but I think we got it taken care of. We scheduled our big anatomy scan for May 5!!! We'll find out the gender then, and make sure everything's fine with the babes (mom and little one).
Tuesday: Recording session 9:30-5:30 with a break in there for me to teach my class. Then drove to Montgomery for a rehearsal with the John Sherrill Band. Got done a little before midnight, drove an hour back home.
Wednesday: Taught my class and lessons all afternoon, drove to the Woodlands for Max Cat rehearsal. I left there around midnight.
Thursday: Taught my class and lessons all afternoon, then drove to the Woodlands for a rehearsal/soundcheck for the John Sherrill CD release concert. We finished at 12:30, and I didn't get home until 1:30. I stayed up later than I should've, probably went to bed around 3 or 4, and didn't sleep well.
Friday: Another recording session 10a-5p, then drove to the Woodlands to play at Kirby's steakhouse 7:30-11:30. Got home after midnight.
Saturday: Arrived at the zoo at 8:30a, with Bethany, and set up. We played 11-3, with two 30 minute breaks that were filled with shooting a music video. That was more work than playing, and I was already exhausted. After the zoo, we went home for a few minutes and then drove back to Kirby's to play 7:30-11:30.
Sunday: Showed up to the Woodlands United Methodist church at 7:45 to set up and play two services with the John Sherrill Band. Then ate with them, rehearsed all afternoon, and played the CD release show that night. After dinner with friends, we got home, and I slept for probably 11 hours. Then Monday, I was awake less than 12 hours before falling asleep again. I feel rested now.

Wow. Now you know my life. This week is so much simpler. Except I forgot about a makeup piano lesson this afternoon. Oops. Didn't mean to do that. I'm going to scavenge for some dinner.