It's a...


We found out Monday morning that our new baby is going to be a girl! We didn't care either way, but I think we secretly wanted a girl. So far she looks healthy and they said she is growing 2 days ahead of schedule. I'm not sure if that changes our due date or just means that she'll be advanced way beyond her age. We're currently importing some classical CDs to iTunes so we can create the "Genius Mixes" she can listen to in the womb.

Here's a little video I made of the ultrasound. I tried to cut it down and take out some of the stuff that only Bethany and I really appreciate. Can't wait to meet her!


"May" I begin...

...by saying it's already May. Ugh, why do i even bother with statements like that.

Three days from now, I will be a future father who is aware of the gender of his unborn child. I'm sure that this whole situation is going to all of a sudden take a new light. It's not that I'm in some kind of denial about having a kid, it's just that I think Monday is going to change my outlook about it a bit. It'll become a little less dream, alot more reality. After Monday, we'll know if we'll be tripping over teacups or hotwheels. We'll know if it's tutu's or baseball gloves; Dora or Thomas. Our "it" will have a name.

If you've asked me recently which I'd prefer, I've probably said it doesn't matter, but I think a little girl would be fun. Well, I went to a Little League game the other day to watch my cousin, Austin, play. And now, I'm thinking about how fun it would be to teach my son how to play baseball, and sit on the stands with the other parents. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!!!!! I am supposed to be wishing I was touring the world as a rock star and staying out late partying with my hot wife. Or not. I want to watch Baby Einstein and go to Little League games and have a big-eyed girl or boy call me "Daddio." And I want to watch my hot wife take care of our little one and blossom into the amazing mother I know she will be. So, boy or girl, doesn't matter to me. As long as it's healthy, and something other than an "it."

Oh yeah, and shame on society for not letting me know how much this was all going to cost. I'm slowly finding out everything, but I wish I could just get a pamphlet that says "This is what it's going to cost - Start saving." I'm sure we'll be ok financially; I just feel a bit overwhelmed going from "completely naive" to "somewhat educated but still very confused."

In music news, I've got alot of recording coming up. Next week Max Cat will be recording a Gloria Estefan song for a "music video" we shot at the zoo a few weeks ago. I'm doing my best to make sure it's done to the highest quality we can. Also, I've got another string session with Producer, Mike Thompson, of Ivory Tower Productions. I just did some work with him a few weeks ago, and he's got another artist he'd like me to work with. The music is really cool, so I'm looking forward to working on it. I'm also getting ready to record keys and some strings for my friend Donna Stuart. She's getting her record started this week, and Jill Paquette is producing it.

Of course, there's also the other standard restaurants, weddings, churches, etc, that I play at often. If I had the patience I would update my myspace calendar so you could see me play. But I don't have that patience often. Maybe someday.